Argentina 2013


At the end of a two week trip in Brazil, Julia and I added a three day extension to the N.E. corner of Argentina, principally to experience the amazing butterfly diversity around the famous Iguazu Falls, which lies on the border where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet. Xavier Munoz of the Ecuadorian company ‘Neblina Forest’, who had been our guide in Brazil, had arranged for a young female Argentinian guide called Paula to meet us at the border and take us to Puerto Iguazu on the Argentinian side. In the next couple of days we visited Iguazu National Park, including the impressive waterfall, and Uragui Provincial Park. On the first afternoon we spent a productive couple of hours in a private garden dedicated to hummingbirds called Jardin de los Picaflores, set up by an enterprising lady called Mrs Costello in the town of Puerto Iguazu.