Ecuador 2017


A private trip for just the two of us, efficiently organised by Richard Parsons of Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge and guided by Gustavo Canas who, as well as being an knowledgeable bird guide was also an expert botanist, which greatly enhanced our enjoyment of the trip. After a night at Bellavista we travelled to Choco Lodge, Canande Reserve in N.W. Ecuador. Returning to Bellavista, we stayed for two nights at the Mirador Rio Blanco on the way, allowing us to visit the Rio Silanche and Milpe Bird Sanctuaries and the private Mashpi Amagusa Reserve. After a couple of days at Bellavista we spent a night in Quito before flying to the south of the country. Here we spent time at Umbrellabird Lodge in Buenaventure Reserve, Urraca Lodge in Jarupe Reserve, Casa Simpson Lodge in Tapichilaca Reserve and Copalinga Lodge near the Podocarpus National Park. Flying back to Quito, we spent a day in the high Paramo habitat of Antisana Reserve before flying home.